My Heart Starts Beating: 50 days until departure

YOU GUYS IT’S SO CLOSE. 50 days until I am transplanting myself into the land of fish and chips and real live princes.

50 days until I join the Pais Project and move to Bolton, England to serve at the Bridge church. (More about the Bridge here and here) I haven’t had a chance to explain in depth all the great things Pais does, but basically they are a kingdom minded organization focusing on missionaries making missionaries! Please visit their website ( or watch this video if you would like to get a better look into what the Pais Project is and how I will be serving.

I just want to update everyone really quickly on my preparation thus far and what the coming weeks will look like for me.

I am still employed at beautiful Glen Lake Camp and have been so blessed by the interactions I’ve had with our WONDERFUL summer staffers this year. Their willingness to serve God basically 24/7 is a blessing to me as much as it is to the campers we have.

Because of my job at Glen Lake I have been fortunate enough to be able to save about 1/3 of my total costs for my year on my own, plus I have paid for my visa + plane ticket on my own. Praise God from whom all goodness flows.

BUT I am still in need of more support to ensure that I am fully funded for my year in England, you may be wondering what exactly I am needing money for since it is a FREE apprenticeship… well Pais is such an awesome organization that they cover the cost of training and partner with churches and families to cover the cost of housing, meals, transportation, etc but I am responsible for my own pocket money. I need to raise ~$200 a month to support myself while living in England. $200 should be able to cover all extraneous costs such as snacks, clothes, toiletries, cell phone and sundries (I really wanted to use that word, I am not actually sure if it even works in that context),. Please keep in mind that things can be a bit more pricey in England so while $200 may sound like a lot in America it won’t go quite as far in Great Britain.

My goal is to raise $2000 between now and August 21st. 

If I have learned anything from my years in church it is that God’s people have kind and generous hearts and I am barely worried that I will be able to raise the funds I need.

I am planning on having a fundraiser luncheon at FBCGR towards the beginning of August as my one big fundraising event, but I hope that even if you cannot make it to that you will help sponsor me.

There are a couple of great ways that you can help me out. First off you can once off donate directly to me or to my church if you are in Glen Rose.

Secondly you can donate to me online at 

Lastly (and most importantly) what would ideally be the best would be for a handful of people to pledge to support me monthly by giving amounts such as $10 $25 or even $50!

This is ideal for me, and hopefully you too. By having people pledge to support me I know that I will have people continually thinking and praying for me throughout the year plus it makes it easier on your bank account.

If you are interested in helping out in any of these ways please message me.

I am so grateful that God has given me this opportunity and truely feel so overwhelmed by his goodness to me. I know that God will provide for all of my needs in the coming year and I am expectant to see how God uses me.

This song by Love Lite sums up my feelings right now

Before we knew of our great need
You cared for us
You have buried sin and death
Deep in the dust

You call us out from our sleep
And we run to You

Your death awakens me to life
And my heart starts beating, my heart starts beating
Endless songs arise to You
And our hearts start beating, our hearts start beating

Catching glimpses of Your face
We’re wanting more
Fill our senses and our souls
So we can’t ignore

You make us alive

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