I'd Rather Be A Comma

Wednesday at Pathway we prayed out Gail Barnes, our music pastor’s wife as she is heading to the Ukraine to teach English for two weeks. While we prayed I was thinking of many things, first I was thinking about how much I love all of our students. We were all huddled around Gail and it felt so inclusive, we felt like a real loving community of believers sharing in life together. I was also thinking how in just a few short weeks it will be me in the middle of the circle. My friends and loved ones will be placing their hands on me and praying for me as I leave to serve with the Pais Project. 

During our prayer time that night someone happened to say something along the lines of “let us not to put a comma where you have put a period” and it got me thinking… While that is very true and wonderful to keep in mind I think we also need to keep the opposite in mind. 

Are there areas in your life where you need some work? 

Have you stopped growing in your faith? 

In what areas of your life have you put a period where God put a comma?

This song above comes from Coldplay’s latest album and while it is vaguely religious, it is hardly about Christ but what Chris Martin says struck me today as I listened to this song: “I’d rather be a comma than a fullstop.”

For those Americans that don’t know a fullstop is what a period is called in England, the land I where will be living in mere weeks. 

My life is on the verge of a major period right now. Soon I will put a final period on this chapter of my life and will walk (actually I will be flying) faithfully into the next chapter. Very soon I will be serving with the Pais Project and serving the people of North England, but in my walk with Christ I have many commas. I think Chris Martin makes a valid point, it is better for us to be a comma than a fullstop in our walk with Christ. Let’s be open to Christ’s influence and guidance in our lives.  

Today my prayer is to be open to change in my life where Christ is not done with me. 

Christ is never done with us. I still have many many things to work on and I am so glad I have the author of creation, my eternal savior, by my side to hold my hand on this journey. 

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

Philippians 2 v 1

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