20 Days // Comfort Zone

“Comfortable Christians have never changed the world. If you ever want to see anything change, you’re going to have to get a little uncomfortable. If you know anything about the Presence, you know it’s out of your comfort zone. When you step over the line of your comfort, you step into the presence of Almighty Yahweh.”

— Mattie Montgomery

“I grew up in a culture that said not to take any risks, but you cannot avoid risk. Living is risky. God created us to live a risky life. But somewhere along the way we interpreted living the blessed life with living the safe life. God has called us to live in the time and the place that we live into to give solution to the world we live in. We live in a world that is broken, that is full of injustice, and that is full of pain. The purpose of life is not to arrive at the coffin safely. God has called us to a radical life. Often you will find that freedom and safety are not the same thing. Compassion is never compassion until you roll up your sleeves and cross the street. Do not confuse sympathy for compassion. God is looking for a generation of leaders that will step out of safety and comfort.”

-Christine Caine

As I am 20 days away from a radical change in my life I find myself continually praying for a smooth transition, and for life in England to be easy. For me to find a rhythm of life and to fall gently into the ebb and flow of life over there… but as I pray this I always hear a voice in my head saying “MY GLORY.” 
I had the honor and privilege to spend a week with one of my favorite human beings and one of the most anointed, selfless, and wonderful human beings to ever grace the Earth just last week during VBS. Plus she is funny and has a personality that just enraptures you, and sometimes frightens you. Rachael Ferren-Beaudin led the youth part of VBS, and while thousands of people were over in London enjoying the Hillsong Conference, I was enjoying a spirit led conference of my own. Rachael challenged the young adults of my church to step up their game. Rachael made us aware of our own shortcomings as Christians and helped us muddle though our sin and hopelessness to find the good news. The wonderful news. The news that there is a Heavenly being, a father to everything ever created, that loves us so passionately and personally that we can’t even begin to comprehend it. A God that holds the entire universe and everything in the palm of his freaking hand. I am shedding tears as I type this out of pure awe. 
This Abba father, God of creation, God of everything, is pursing us. You, me, him, her, the lost, the hopeless, the homeless, the prostitute, the addict, the LGBTQIA. You can do nothing to be outside of his pursuit. Rachael continually pushed this point. We are being pursued by God, the God who is holy. God who is in all things he does, glorious. He makes everything glorious. 
So now, what does this have to do with comfort zones? 
Comfort zones are crap. I have searched the Bible and have found zero references to “comfort zones.” God doesn’t want me in my comfort zone. God’s glory is not about my stupid comfort zone!
God promises us a happy life. A good life. A life of peace. Never an easy life.
Earlier I told you I have been praying about easing into England and finding a smooth rhythm of life when I arrive, and while God isn’t against giving me any of that, nor is he going to withhold any of that from me, probably, the problem isn’t what I am praying for, it’s why I am praying it. 
I am praying that I will find comfort in England for my glory. I am praying that I settle in comfortably for my glory. 
My glory is crap. My “glory” isn’t actually a thing. My glory is sinful pride and selfishness. 
My comfort zone prayer just shows my true nature of a “glory hog” as Racheal calls it.  
My glory will get me nowhere. 
My new prayer is this: 
God, I want to be used as a tool for YOUR GLORY. Help me strip away myself and build myself up in your glory. Take me where you would have me go, and use me as you would see fit. 


The cherry on top of this amazing week, and my revelation was this, the theme verse for VBS:

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.
2 Tim 1:7

How wonderfully God works. Please join me in praying that I will be fearless in giving up my glory to be used for God’s. Pray for the students and individuals I meet in the upcoming year, that they would see my spirit of power, love, and self-control. Pray for the church I will be serving at, and pray that above ALL else we do everything to magnify the Glory of God. 

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