CULTIVATE // 2 month update

Hello Everyone near and far. I just wanted to give you a short update since today marks 2 months that I’ve been in England! These 2 months have flown by and I have had so many new adventures in this time. Around this time each month I have usually sent out my newsletter but unfortunately by laptop is currently broken! The screen is broken, I have ordered a new screen and hopefully that will be in soon so I can get back to filling you all in with fun details! 
Life in Bolton has become very normal, my host family is great, my church family is amazing. And even though I accidentally got on the wrong bus and went to a completely different town last week, I have figured out how public transportation works and have stopped missing my car as much. 
Even though life here now seems normal it’s still very exciting! I’ve seen a castle, I’ve seen mummies at the Manchester Museum, I’ve explored Manchester and it’s now my fave city! I’ve knitted hats, I’m learning to knit socks! I’ve made new friends. And I’ve learned to trust God. 
When I first came over here I was so enveloped in church work and summer camp work that I just assumed missionary work would be a piece of cake. 
The hardest part for me as been keeping my focus on God. As a people person it’s often so easy for me to drain myself mentally in getting to know new people and to try to be as ‘cool’ as possible, and as a result of that my relationship with Christ ALWAYS suffers. 
I’ve never been in a relationship but I’ve seen enough chick flicks to know this- relationships take work! I assumed that because my relationship with Christ was fine in Texas that it would continue to grow when I moved to England regardless of how much I nurtured it. 
My first month and half in England I think I read my bible a few times a week, enough that I could justify myself in saying ‘You’re a busy missionary, it’s alright, you’ve earned a break’ 
In reality I AM a busy missionary who sometimes deserves a break, but after re-discipling myself to rest in the LORD these past two weeks I’ve come to realise that’s the only place I really find rest and peace. 
I’ve gotten back into the habit of opening my Bible and spending time daily journaling about my life; sure sometimes it’s utterly terrible, but other days it’s fantastic and that makes it worth it. 
My team has been blessed to already have spoken in front of more than 1500 kids this year, plus I’ve already had the opportunity to lead a life group of young girls, and to help lead a youth night, but if I came to England for no other reason than to cultivate my relationship with Christ, and to get a better understanding of how relationships function, then it’s worth it! 


Thank you for reading! xx
I wanted to include some pictures but since I’m posting this from my phone it’s too difficult to do so. If you want to see photos of my life as always you can check out my Instagram —>

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