Seeing Glory Through Horticulture

Goodmorning guys, I just wanted to share with you something from our Haverim Devotion this morning, today was day three which is D’rash, or interpreted. On this day we look at a passage through our understanding, we try to put ourselves in the text somehow to help us understand it on a more personal level. This week we are studying Hebrews 1 v 1-4; here it talks about Jesus being the “radiance of the glory of God,” so today we looked at how we see the glory of God in our lives today.

For me, I see God’s glory most in flowers, not bouquets of flowers sitting on a table, those are beautiful, but what I love most is blooming plants! This picture shows a diagram of my favourite flower – a peony. I just imagine God in heaven sketching out flowers and thinking ‘Yes! This will show my glory and creativity to Jenoa. This will show her how intricately I care about the beauty of my creation, all of my creation!’ God could have created the world without flowers, but how sad would that be??

What are some ways God reveals to you his glory?

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