Big Steps, Big States

My team in Fort Worth, friends forever!

It’s over. This is my last week in Fort Worth. I am astounded at how quickly time wizzed past me the past few months. I have taught lots of lessons in school, spent lots of time with students, shot hoops, laughed, drank coffee, grown, and learnt so much in my recent months here. And I have knit and crocheted enough hats for the Brady Bunch…. 

My life has been in constant transition since I picked up and moved out of Glen Rose in August of 2009 — Since then I have not lived in one place for more than 10 solid months at a time. The only place that I came close to putting down roots in was San Antonio, and now here I am picking up again and moving again, leaving family and friends behind, again. From one huge state to another. 

This time it feels different, not only different because I have committed the next 18 months of my life there, longer than anywhere else I’ve ever lived, but because for some reason this feels final. Something in my heart tells me this could be home for a while. 

When I was younger my family often spoke of California – the crowdedness, the liberals, the hippies, rock stars, and our families past stuggles and strife while living there — this dislike they held for California obviously stirred up a desire in me to go and visit it for myself. I have had the pleasure of visiting California only three times, but I count them all as very life changing periods of my life. 

Erin and I on a walk around Long Beach

First was with my dear friend and roommate, Erin. This was my first trip to California. We stayed with friends in Long Beach and it was a dream; beaches, tacos, thrift shopping, long walks, body surfing. It was bliss. 

The boys 

Second with with my brothers, three guys who I trust more than many other people, T-Dub, Shawn, and Richard. Again it was the same. Same friends, same beaches, same laughter and late nights. Lots of crepes were eaten, worship songs sang late into the night soaking up the miracle of fellowship between believers. 

Regeneration Church, Oakland

Third was my recent trip to Oakland and the bay area to check out what will soon be home. It fit like a glove. A sense of peace and contentment filled my soul while on my short weekend getaway to Oakland. 

Now I will call California my home. Oakland’s history filled streets will be my own and I will begin this new and very different chapter of my life. 

Last April when I was sauntering around Scotland I felt God give me this verse for my future

O people, the Lord has told you what is good,
    and this is what he requires of you:to do what is right, to love mercy,    and to walk humbly with your God. 

Micah 6:8 

I had no idea at the time but it turns out that the motto for Regen (my church in Oakland) is this — 

Doing justice, loving mercy & walking humbly with our God in the city of Oakland.

uhhh wow! Months before I was even offered a placement in California God knew what my plans were. God was preparing me and molding me for my new life out west. 

I am so thankful to serve a God who is interested in details, small details. Small things are big deals to Him — look at how his son came to Earth. As a tiny baby in a tiny manger. 

Let’s remember and thank God for small amazing details this Christmas season

Merry Christmas, 

Jen xx

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