March 11, 2017: Our Wedding

Back in October when Robbie and I started dreaming of our wedding we both felt strongly about one thing: a wedding is important and a special day in our life, but our marriage is of more importance. Keeping that fact in mind gave us the grace and freedom to plan just the wedding we wanted and would enjoy, not one we felt pressured into by magazines, social media, friend’s weddings, or family expectations.

What we came up with was better than both of could have expected. We had friends generously give their time, talents, and support to us. Our families cheered us on and offered us constant support in every way possible.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with and for us, I am excited to finally share a glimpse of our wedding with you.

Jenoa (+ Robbie)

Early on people kept asking us if we had a theme color picked out, something we never did, but gradually and eventually the theme of oranges and citrus came into play. I loved paying homage to Orange County and using something so mundane as decor. We ended up using kumquats, the tangy and sweet pigmy sized citrus, gifted to us from a long time family friend’s of Robbie’s, for the perfectly sized good enough to eat decorations. 

Kumquat details in the bouquets.

We created our own bouquets from flowers purchased at Trader Joe’s the day before, it was so fun to create my own bouquet and to have say over the whole process. The bridesmaids and I loved the time we spent using our creativity and craftiness creating them! 

Kumquat details on the cake

We asked the groomsmen to wear khaki pants with white shirts and to find a light blue tie with a pattern on it that they liked. The bridesmaids were asked to wear a dress they liked, in a variety of colors, two bridesmaids bought dresses, two wore ones they already owned. I loved the ones they chose and seeing their personal taste play into their choices. 

My own dress came from Amazon, I spend $34 on the dress and I have zero regrets. It was comfortable and I think it was perfect for our day. Robbie wore a Men’s Warehouse jacket + shirt and his own pants and shoes. 

Carl, Collin, Robbie, Andrew, and Alex
Meagan, Joslyn, Jenoa, Callie, and Lisa 

Since we had a Texas reception March 17th, and because we will be having a New Jersey East Coast celebration in just a few weeks, the only family we had at our wedding was our parents and my siblings.

Sapunarich Family

Sandlin Family

We got married at our church in Costa Mesa and many of our beautiful friends from church celebrated the day with us.  All the decorations we used came from the church. 

Some of Cross of Christ family at the reception

We both chose simple rings from Etsy, mine’s a vintage gold band from the 1970’s, Robbie’s a titanium band with whiskey barrel wood inlay inside. 

Processional: Ever Be – Bethel (album: Without Words) //  Of Crows and Crowns – Dustin Kensrue
Recessional: Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

Instead of traditional programs I wanted to create a newspaper for the day, my sister Joslyn ended up putting together the most fabulous newspaper and people absolutely loved it. We received so many compliments about what a creative idea it was. Katie Wright did the cover art and we had a comic strip created by Kent Heidelman Art.

When planning the reception we both felt that having a full meal would be in contrast to our simple wedding we’d envisioned. We instead opted for a “cake & punch” style reception. I wanted the wedding to feel like an old school wedding where the whole community would turn out to celebrate with a couple. Because we didn’t serve food we not only saved money, we were able to invite as many friends as we wanted! Hooray! 

We had the reception at Robbie’s parents apartment complex – they have these amazing clubhouses and we chose The Social, it had perfect CA decor and was in a secluded part of the complex. Outside the window was a tropical pool oasis and further beyond that was rolling green hills. 

This is how we served alcohol at the reception. 

Us during the toasts at The Social

I did my own make-up for the day!

First look photos
Robbie and I have asked each other a few times “Would you change anything about our wedding?” and both of us confidently have said “No!” It was a perfect day, low stress, lots of friends, yummy cake, perfect weather, and best of all it was over by 3 pm since we had a 10 am wedding. After most of the guests had left we ordered pizza for our families and the bridal party and by 3 pm headed out!  

Post wedding shots in Bommer Canyon

Robbie and I took lots of joy in creating a wedding that was very cost effective (I MEAN REALLLLLLY AFFORDABLE, my dress was from Amazon folks!) but still tasteful and fun. A day to celebrate our love and how God has given us one another to live out the gospel. As a wife I am to submit and give myself to Robbie sacrificially and Robbie is to protect, love, and serve me sacrificially. Each and every time we fail is an opportunity for grace in our lives.  This day was all about the covenant Robbie and I took for better or for worse. We vowed to stay together through it all and to be a living witness of the gospel of freedom and grace found in the cross. 

Thank you thank you thank you to all who took part in setting aside time to be a part of this covenant alongside us. 

Jenoa & Robbie

photography: Kim Bogardus // ceremony venue name: Cross of Christ // reception venue name: The Social Irvine // planning: Hillary Martin // florals: Created by bride and bridesmaids // wedding dress: Amazon // hair and make up: The bride // cake: Twinfully Sweet 

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