Knit Together in Love

When I started knitting in 2012 I learned by using two pencils, some yarn I found around the house, and watching youtubers. I was living in San Antonio, Texas and would spend time at The Foundry (now closed) reading, drinking americanos, and trying to make scarfs or hats. Whatever I was in the mood for. Today knitting is my most valued skill and a hobby that defines me. Robbie even said it was one of the things he liked about me when we first started dating. There are plenty of other crafts I dabble in but none have the special place in my heart and hands like knitting. The great irony is that although I love knitting I rarely wear anything I knit, I much prefer to give away what I make. People will say “every stitch is a prayer” and that’s totally true for me. When I’m knitting with someone in mind I pray for them, and over the project I am working on, thinking of when and how they will wear the item I am creating for them. 

Knitting is a sacred and holy occupation for me; it centers me, helps me focus, or wind down, it helps me push my brain when working on complicated patterns, or ease my brain when I am doing a simple k1p1 ribbing. 

I am grateful for knitting and the community it has connected me to. I have friends around the world that I know thanks to knitting. Friends I go to when I am stumped, friends I have knit alongside yet never met in real life. These relationships aren’t defined by demographics, by geography, or by religious and political affiliation; the single connection we have is knitting. We are truly knit together though a common interest and skill. We build each other up, give help, celebrate together, mourn together, we learn together, we get excited together, and invite others to join us. It is a strong and wonderfully accepting community, with so much love and grace.

In Colossians Paul says believers are “knit together in love.” (ESV) What an amazing image – we are woven and knit together, tied tightly together for a purpose greater than our own. Believers are knit together both in love and TO love! It is love that binds us together, and love that keeps us together. Because of God’s love and forgiveness given daily to us we are called then to love and forgive humanity. It is a beautiful cycle of receiving love, giving love.  

We as Christians have something to learn from the wider knitting community, we have been united by a single momentous occasion, we are redeemed, grace is shown to us even while we do not deserve it. Jesus shed his blood so that we would have the freedom and grace to show love to all. Regardless of demographic, by geography, or by religious or political affiliation, we as a Christian community should also build each other up, give help, celebrate together, mourn together, learn together, get excited together, and invite others to join us. 

Today lets show mercy and grace to those who need it, forgive those who have sinned against us, and love with abandon all people in our wake. Let us knit ourselves into a community marked by love and grace. 

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