Making // 2017

2017 was the year of making for me – I made more than ever before, I made things to wear, to eat, to hold, to gift, and to cherish. As a wrap up of this fantastic year I wanted to share a portfolio of sorts. I am more and more finding myself straying away from platforms such as Instagram and Facebook because at best those products file and list me alongside all my friends or at worst bury me under products and ads and I must fight to be seen. My blog is increasingly a place where I find comfort in it being my own. Here in this space I have a agency to share what I find important and to know that should people want to know what I am thinking, feeling, as well as what is happening in my life this space should hold that information. So, what better place to post about my products and achievements. 

The best thing I made all year was my wedding – I debated weather to include this in a “#memade” category but I think I can confidently include it. If you missed my full wedding post back in April take a trip over there now to see the full scope of what we did ourselves, what we did to save money, and what we completely scraped in lieu of saving money for more important things. One element from my wedding that I feel is fully justified to share is the flowers – all completely done by myself and my fantastic bridesmaids. 

Meagan, Joslyn, Callie, and Lisa all made their own bouquets too! 
Throwing pots

Finished Pots — I adore these and can’t wait to make more in 2018
Self drafted top – not my favorite 

Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho 

E.S.W wearing the beanie I made for him! 

Arched Gusset Mittens by Purl Soho 

Self Made Yarn Wall Tapestry 

Self Drafted Pattern – Athalia’s Pouch by Jenoa Saplin 

Campfire hat – self drafted quick knit k2p2 ribbing k1p1 body  

Homemade white ornaments for our tree 

Wearing the Arched Gusset Mittens and Campfire hat at Belvedere Castle in Central Park

This Campfire hat has kept me so warm! 

The progress and final product of the sweater vest I made my dad for Christmas! Pattern Schmidt Vest by GoGoDavitron 
Upcycled tee from goodwill

Well folks, that’s all I’ve got for you for 2017! I’ve already got some ideas in the queue and can’t wait to see what all I get to make this year. Please feel free to donate yarn money to me because that stuff aint cheap! 


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