2018 Objectives

I am hoping that 2018 is the year I put my money where my mind is and set good intentions with my buying. Instead of buying clothing from big box stores and regretting it after 5 wears and 2 times though the wash cycle – I want to make them myself.

So, here’s a plan I hope to set in action as soon I can get back to warm and sunny California and out of this icebox called New Jersey I currently find myself in. This list is only reflective of what I will be making as purely selfish making – I do have a few items in my queue that are for church, or friends/family. I left those out. 
I will focus on what I will call my spring/summer (s/s) wardrobe and my fall/winter (f/w) wardrobe but in all reality in California it doesn’t matter. 


Grainline Studios – Willow Top / Dress, I hope to make 2, one cotton and one linen
Closet Case – Kalle Shirt / Dress, again I’d love to make two items with this pattern. One dress, one shirt.

Collette Patterns – Jane t-shirt  – Plain t-shirt to replace the numerous wornout basics in my drawers


Plattsburg Pullover – Whitney Hayward  – I plan to use Quince and Co. Lark in colorway Petal 

Ginger Skinny Jeans – Closet Case Patterns – An ambitious project but I want jeans that fit my damn derrière! 
I will also make a few accessories such as hats, mittens, scarfs, etc that I didn’t feel the need to share here. I will update any pieces I finish or changes I make to this list. 


Sorbetto – Colette Patterns – I love this top but feel like it’s not a necessity for my closet right now. 
I plan to buy my fabric from The Fabric Store LA and I really look forward to visiting them in person soon! 
As always, I will take donations for fabric and yarn 😉 Also, I do not take commissions unless you will pay me for my time and materials! 
happy making,

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