Project No. 1: 2018 Box Pouch

hello from California! I am so happy to be back home. Not sure if I’ll be doing a East Coast Christmas blog post but we’ll see…. I will include a short and silly video we made to share with my family once we got back home, after being in the snow I am always happy to be reminded of how picture perfect Orange County is!

On with the show–

School is back in session, we are back in a regular rhythm which we both love, and we’ve started a new diet. Robbie and I are doing the Ketogenic diet and hope to do it with some consistency for the foreseeable future. It’s a high fat, low carb diet for those curious. Two weeks in and we both love it. I saw an initial weight drop of ten pounds in the first week but it’s been slower since then, reminding myself that 1) I am beautiful and perfect just as I am and 2) this is a marathon not a sprint.

Beside healthier eating goals for 2018 I am also trying to be conscious and conservative about my clothing choices. I am planning to purchase ZERO tops, blouses, and t-shirts this year and hopefully sewing all the tops I deem I need. (See previous blog post for those)

And since I hadn’t sewn in a few months I jumped back on the horse tonight with something simple and utilitarian, a new make-up bag. The one I have is from Old Navy and just not my favorite, too big, too oblong and tall, not easy to pack or to fit in my purse on the go — so using some scraps purchased at the East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse many many moons ago this is what I came up with!

This was my first time using Wonder Clips and they were amazing, I will be getting rid of most of my pins (OUCH!) and using these from here on out xo

As promised a vlog of sorts from our recent day trip to the San Clemente Pier, our favorite Pier.

Until next time, 

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