Maundy Thursday Ruminations

I wrote this as an Instagram post but wanted to share it here as I feel that although it is small, it is mighty. Original post here. 

Two things always make my home feel so fresh and so clean – vacuuming & flowers. 
One of the theories about the term Maundy Thursday is that the term is derived from ‘mandatum’ in Latin, or ‘mandate’ in English. Today we remember the new mandate Jesus has given us: “love one another as I have loved you.” On a Thursday long ago Jesus took this idea beyond lip service and did the dirty job of a servant, he washed the feet of his friends, his followers, the disciples. 
This physical cleansing mirrors the deeper cleansing of our conscience, of our souls. Today we can rejoice knowing that whatever the state of our lives, no matter the sin, forget the situations, God comes to us now in love and cleanses us. Washing us clean and giving us life anew, we must do nothing to earn this love. Only after receiving this love can we then love with no stipulations, wanting nothing in return, but giving with generosity and joy. 


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