Fashion Revolution | Day one: Jeans

Today marks day one of Fashion Revolution week, aptly following Earth Day. I am relatively new to the “slow fashion” movement so I can hardly count myself as a huge devotee, but I hope as time goes by my wardrobe adapts and shrinks and I become better versed in this lifestyle and community.

I want to start by saying yes, slow fashion and ethical wardrobes are en vogue, it is very much a trend and has a certain amount of hype involved. Is that so bad? Many things that begin as trends frequently stick and movements grow and spread, adapting and evolving as they do so. (Women wearing jeans!) I have a handful of friends who have been ethically shopping for 5+ years and I also have some who just started recently (like me!) What’s important is we all start somewhere. Taking a step it the right direction and taking into stock the repercussions our purchases have.

I started 2018 with the goal of purchasing no new blouses, tops, shirts, or coats. So far so good. I was gifted a blouse and have worn it three times already since Easter so I feel I am getting a good wear out of it. More about wear of clothes later this week!

I have however bought new jeans. I purchased a pair of Everlane Black Highwaisted Ankle Skinny jeans in March. At the time I only owned one other pair of jeans, skinny faded stretchy blue jeans from Gap, purchased in December 2017. I was hoping that with those two pairs of jeans I would be fine.

About a week later my Gap jeans ripped out in the thighs leaving me annoyed and with only one pair of jeans.

What was I to do?

Robbie only owns one pair of jeans and he seems to do alright…. but what if I want to break up the monotony of black jeans everyday?? Oh what a dilemma.

I ended up purchasing a second pair of Everlane High Waisted Ankle Skinny Jeans, delivered today, this time in indigo! See pictures below, featuring Jones our wonderfully lovely and fluffy kitty. 

Earlier today I was reading from the blog of Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co and thought it was apt that she was writing about jeans.

Images from Karen’s blog

Her story of past jean purchasing paralleled with her current jean status felt comforting to me. I too used to be stuck it the cycle of buying shitty jeans over and over again until they wore thin. Always on my thighs because I have been #blessed with curves.

I haven’t yet made the plunge to made in America jeans but I feel happy knowing my jeans are made with ethicality in mind. We all start somewhere and making this conscious choice has empowered me to think about other areas in my life that I have the opportunity to make better choices. 

Moving forward I think I will wear my jeans in a similar manner to Karen, going long stretches between washes and leaning heavily on one pair rather than wearing them equally.

What about you–
Where are your favorite jeans made?
How many jeans are in your closet?
Do you also have amazing thighs of thunder that make your jeans wear thin?

Tell me what you think in the comments. 


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