Fashion Revolution | Day two: Why Slow Fashion?

Remember that Ted talk that was  SOOOOOO popular like 5 years ago about “Why” and how if you can explain your why to someone they will get on board with your message, mission, business, cult, or product? 

I think I heard it about 5 times from 5 different organizations all trying to use pop psychology to either inspire me work for them for free, or give them money. 

Even though I was always skeptical of that Ted talk and even more so when an organization would try to use it with some hidden agenda, apparently it did stick with me. Who knows why? hahahahahah 

Well, anyways. Today I just wanted to briefly share why I got into slow fashion and what the 30 wears movement is. 

My top 3 reasons for joining the slow fashion train….

one, trying to keep up with trends is exhausting and makes me feel terrible. Trends come and go and some are great, but many are not flattering on my body. I would buy a shirt at Target and imagine dreamworld Jenoa wearing it and it always looked perfect. I would try it on and convince myself that in other lights, with other jeans, with my hair styled a different way then I would look just like the cool girls I had seen wearing this shirt on Instagram. 

it never did! So, now I buy staples that are flattering and timeless. I stay far away from the trend train because I know it is only headed to a town I do not want to visit. 

two, buying fast fashion is audaciously terrible for our planet. We are polluting the earth and filling it with garbage all while propping up a disgusting industry. Here is a quick take away with some facts that will keep you up at night.

three, it makes getting dressed easier. A few weeks ago I participated in the 10×10 challenge where I only wore 10 items from my closet for 10 consecutive days. Including shoes! Truth be told it was incredibly easy. When the pressure and weight of creating a new outfit everyday is off and you decide to stop worrying about Kate Sanders remembering your outfits its an amazingly freeing feeling! 

Please tell me you remember the Lizzie Mcguire movie?! 


A few months into the slow fashion movement I heard about the idea of 30 Wears Campaign. Started by Liva Firth, the 30 wears campaign hinges on the idea that we should get at least 30 wears out of each garment we own. Sounds easy enough, but if you wore the same shirt once a week it would take you 7 months to reach the 30 milestone! The 30 Wears campaign is a great place to jump on board the slow fashion train because it doesn’t require you to buy anything new, or get rid of anything. You simply take stock of you current wardrobe and keep in mind that you should get at least 30 wears out of a garment. Hopefully more! 

If the 30 Wears campaign excites you then these questions can offer helpful guidance when purchasing new garments:

Will I wear this at least 30 times?

Is this a high-quality piece?

Will it last at least 30 washes?

Will I still want to wear this in 6 months time?

Will I still want to wear this in a years time?

I hope hearing about why I decided to jump on this train will inspire you to look in your closet and see what state you wardrobe is currently in. Do you think you generally get 30 wears out of an item, or do you frequently follow trends leaving you with a stuffed closet and yet feel like you have nothing to wear? 


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