May Playlist

Back in 2009 I was a radio DJ. I had a show once a week on my college radio in Las Vegas, New Mexico — Bryn’s Beats. I would compile a handful of songs that I was currently into plus some music news and share it with my small mountain community. A few friends from Texas would also tune in. I would share my playlist on my blog after I wrapped up the show. During this time in my life I was pretty miserable. Living far away from home, I knew no one around me. Plus Las Vegas, New Mexico wasn’t the most happening of places as far as college towns go. I looked forward to few things in those days, my radio playlist, going to Traveller’s cafe, and day trips to ABQ.

I am not anywhere near as into music as I was back then. Then it was something that filled my time, these days it’s a background noise while I work, cook, or clean. Here is what I am listening to this spring/summer season, some are new, some a few years old, but all are in continual rotation for me.

Rebel Heart – First Aid Kit (2018)

CRAZYTALK – Mat Kearney (2018)

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – Florence + The Machine (2015)

The Louder I Call, the Faster it Runs – Wye Oak (2018)

The Avett Brothers – True Sadness (2016)

A playlist with all the aforementioned albums

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