Memorial Day Weekend 2018

This last weekend was so very soul replenishing! Lots of friend time, family time, and lots of quality time for Robbie and I. 

Saturday we gathered with friends to enjoy the holiday and have a BBQ, we planned to swim but it was so cold that we barely survived our dip in the not-so-hot tub. 

Sunday we had dinner with some new friends. Being welcomed into a friends home is always one of my favorite things, hospitality is a treasure and wellspring of joy.

Monday we had intended to go for a bike ride but a flat foiled our plans, instead we hiked Holy Jim Canyon, something neither of us had ever done. The creek and little falls were flowing generously. It was a fantastic time together, we hope to do more hiking in the future. 

Enjoy some pictures and a video from our weekend.

Saturday’s BBQ
One of the cabins on leased US Forestry land in Holy Jim Canyon
My hiking partner
The water looks good enough to drink
But I didn’t

Another beautiful tucked away cabin

Playing dominoes on Memorial day 

We had BBQ and watermelon, my Texan heart was happy 

Robbie and his dad enjoyed some Cuban cigars, his mom bought them on a recent trip to Canada 

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