Confirmation Sunday + Homebrew Cider

Today we had a combined 10 am service at our church, although Robbie and I usually go to the 8:30am service because we are both early risers I loved being able to worship as a huge church. It was a splendid service, we celebrated confirmation and a baptism! Our church performs infant baptisms, something I was staunchly against growing up but have since made a strong turn around regarding. 

We Only Baptize Babies, an article from 1517 Legacy Contributor Joel Hess helped solidify my belief in this recently. 

Since I have only just become a member of a Lutheran church I had never witnessed an infant Baptism and yall, it was beautiful. What an incredible way to be reminded of my baptism, that while I was yet a sinner Christ died for me. I did nothing to earn my salvation, I am only receiving a gift I do nothing to deserve. 

Then, as if that were not enough we also got to witness the confirmation of six eighth graders, that too was a glorious reminder of my belonging to Christ. 

I love our church and Sundays like this I find myself taking an extra moment to thank God for this local community of believers. 

Pastor Marty and the six confirmants 

Each year since 1989 the confirmation classes have created banners, this one from 2000 was my favorite! 

After church I came home and bottled my cider! After sitting in the primary fermenter for two weeks it was time to add a little honey to the cider, bottle it, and let the last bit of yeast do it’s magic! In two weeks I will let you know how it taste, fingers crossed! 

Step one: Sanitize! 

Getting the auto-siphon cane ready to go! 

Ready to fill up my bottles! 

Since I used raw unfiltered apple juice it will remain cloudy, in the future I plan to buy filtered to give it the classic cider look 

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