Grateful | Kellen Pocock Gallery Show

the show was hosted at the beautiful Hopper and Burr

Last Friday evening we had the privilege of attending the gallery show of Kellen Pocock, a very talented friend from our previous church Cross of Christ. We brought along a friend from our new church Community Lutheran Church and met with with close friends for dinner beforehand, then we met and mingled with even more friends at the event itself. The night was a special reminder of the warm community I have here in Orange County!

Moving here two years ago (almost to the day!) was more difficult than I had hoped. Of course moving near Robbie was the best thing I ever did because HELLO best friend boyfriend fiance husband ever… 

But it took a while to put down roots here, putting down roots being something I’ve ever been known to do. 

After two years of living in Orange County, where the beaches are beautiful, the weather is perfect, and you pay top dollar to experience it, I am so happy to look around me and see a whole community, a gathering of people who I love and can count on. 

A big shift in our marriage, and consequently my feelings about Orange County, happened last fall when Robbie and I have moved to Rancho Santa Margarita, his hometown. We finally live in a place WE LOVE, we are walking distance from friends and some fantastic bars and restaurants. I have local friends I can text at any hour about anything. We play Dungeons and Dragons bi-weekly with friends we love. We go to a church both of us love attending, we wake up on Sunday’s looking forward to seeing our church family and hearing the gospel message, to taking communion together. We have dinner with Robbie’s parents every Sunday. And we got a cat! 

What a beautiful gift I have been given! Today I am so grateful for gift of friendship and community. 

Thanks friends,  you make life pretty great! 


Crocheting and reading at Hopper & Burr before dinner 

Kellen telling Charlotte and Josiah more about his work and creative process

Is Robbie taking a nap standing up? or am I a terrible photographer…. 

Collin and Robbie being themselves

If Instagram is your thing make sure you follow Kellen! 

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