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Today I submitted part one of my application to Luther Seminary to pursue a Master of Divinity.

Going to grad school was something I was sure I would never do, and the thought of writing papers literally gives me cold sweats and makes me want to stress eat a donut the size of a small car, yet I feel okay about it all. More than okay, I feel good, even excited.  

The doors opened and the call I’ve long felt to be a minister has not subsided. 

Nothing’s official and my undergrad grades leave me teetering on the edge of getting denied so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. That said, the longest of journey’s begin with one step so they say and I feel like this is something worth noting. 

So, please say a prayer for me today!


ps. I would be taking part in the distance learning cohorts, we are not moving to the frozen tundra mosquito land home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox anytime soon. 

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