Recovering from The Plague

Summer day camp has closed up shop for the summer and school doesn’t start back up until the end of August which means I have some time off. How nice and convinent is it that for the first few days off, I was laid up in bed with the plague! 

A terrible sinus infection kept me in bed from about Sunday afternoon until Tuesday night and I am still fighting it off. 

Yesterday I actually ran a few errands and even sewed a new dress… I feel human again! 

A huge fire in the Cleveland National Forest (which is in our backyard) has made it very smoky and very doom and gloom feeling around our house. 

We’re off to Napa this weekend for a wedding but since there are also fires up north I am not sure we will be able to get it off our mind. 

I think I read somewhere that 1/3 of California is on fire. 

I’ve got photos to share from our mini stay-cation to Universal Studios last week, I hope to feel up for writing and sharing about that soon. 


Our little condo is nestled near those foothills

Gorgeous Jones

Still life from our kitchen 

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