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We are back from Napa and I am fully recovered from my sinus infection! Thanks to the sinus infection my period was two days late — did you know that was a thing? Illness can make your period late? I was unaware of that glitch 

I went straight to Google when my gift did not arrive precisely as it always does on Thursday and the first thing that I discovered when I searched “sinus infection and period” was a thread in a forum from women sharing about the sinus infections that got WHEN THEY FIRST CONCEIVED. Well shit… what if I’m pregnant? OMG that means little to no coffee — what about sushi? Could I fudge on that a little? I feel like I’ve heard you can’t drive, or was it fly? is it both? Can I lie to Robbie for the next 9 months and pretend I’m not pregnant just to save him the anxiety?? 

Anyways- about an hour after I that tramatic internet search I heard a big huge “HELLO!” in the form of a cramp in my gut and lower back so I knew we’d be okay. 

So in review, back from Napa, healthy, and not pregnant!

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But that’s not why you clicked on this…. 

You want to know about my trip to Universal Studios! 

Bate’s Motel with Whoville in the background. 

Having never been to Universal before I wasn’t all too sure what to expect. I knew it would be less magical than Disney but I had heard great things about Harry Potter World and the backlot tour. While both of those things were pretty great everything else was pretty unremarkable. We were very happy to have front of the line passes because without them it would’ve been pretty frustrating to wait in such long lines for such lackluster rides. 

It’s not to say that I had a bad day – I actually had a fantastic day of fun but fun comes easy to me. I entertain young children all day so I make my own fun and enjoyment. 

The birthday lady! 

On the whole I would say Universal gets it about half right, interesting ideas and some fun concepts, but you can feel how the park has aged poorly – Like Waterworld is still a major attraction in the park! Why?!

I enjoyed seeing the sets on the backlot tour but it made me sad to think of the filming location for the long list of impressive films that Universal has created for over 100 years now being used to film the Voice and not one, but two Steve Harvey TV shows. (How does Steve have two shows?!) 

Harry Potter world was amazing, truly. I only wish it had been larger, and not 100 degrees which really took me out of the forced illusion of being in England. 

The butter beer lived up to the hype and lunch at the Three Broomsticks was great. 

I am glad to have had the opportunity to go, but Robbie and I went straight to Disneyland the next day to enjoy some magic and take part in suspension of disbelief. 

The next morning we went to my favorite breakfast spot in LA! Pollen in Echo Park. Not the usual breakfast fair, Pollen is an Aussie join that serves fantastic (millennial pink!) plates of toast, bacon, pancakes, French toast, and more.  We thought Dinah would enjoy a more hip and fun twist on breakfast. 

I had the honey cream and strawberry French Toast and Dinah ordered the lemon poppyseed pancakes. Robbie went for the more traditional bacon breakfast, the bacon mind you looked more like a cross between a ham steak and pork belly. 

After breakfast our last stop was Eataly. The three of us love the Flatiron Eataly in Manhattan so we were thrilled to get a chance to visit the LA counterpart. While it was much more subdued that it’s East Coast cousin, it was still equally as enjoyable. We each chose something special to take home, my choice was a metal tin of chocolates. 

I noticed while looking up an down the many aisles that the Italian/European packaged products were rarely in plastic. Metal tins, glass, wax paper, and cloth were the norm. I so wish this was the case in  America! After eating my chocolates I am using my tin box to store sewing notions. 

With that we headed back to OC! This trip was a supremely wonderful way to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday! 


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