A Texas Summer

August came and went in the blink of an eye. My life has been filled to the brim with school starting back up, helping teach the Confirmation class at church, reading a great book, (The Wise Man’s Fear, part II in the Kingkiller Chronicles,) writing a paper for my application at Luther Seminary, and all our traveling. It has made it hard to find spare leisure time to write about our trip to the Motherland, Texas! 


Our first full day in Texas was captured by the Magnolia allure of Waco. Sight seeing in Cameron Park, overlooking both the Bosque River and Brazos River high above on the Balcones Escarpment. We ate Czechoslovakian fruit kolaches at the Czech Stop3 in West, TX, and Central Texas BBQ at Rudy’s in the heart of Waco. We enjoyed coffee at Dichotomy and Whisk(e)y at Balcones Distillery. Took in history at the Mayborn Museum on the gorgeous and busy Baylor campus, stirring like a bee-hive in a new school year frenzy. Even though I have visited Waco many times it was great to be back. We plan to go back over Christmas break to peruse other establishments Waco has to offer, we might even check out these silos everyone keeps talking about. 

Before the Silos, the Alico building was the most notable building in town. Acting as a compass for many locals. 

Dichotomy has nice floors 


The Mayborn Museum has a historic village which includes a school house! 

Robbie’s Whiskey flight at Balcones

In the foreground on the bottom right, bottles with examples of the grain mash used in each variety of their whiskeys 

My cocktail, the Raspberry Beret 

 Glen Rose 

The rest of our time was spent in my hometown of Glen Rose at my parents ranch, swimming, eating and spending time with family. We did little else. We both found it to be so relaxing and restful. We played 42, my favorite domino game, drank local moonshine, polished off a 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell Bride’s Cake ice cream, and had a family potluck on Saturday before we left. 

My dad curated moonshine flights for us by pushing the jars towards us and saying “Here, taste this.” Pictured here: Peach, Apple, Watermelon, and other local varieties from local ‘shine artisans 😉 

Watermelon Moonshine with bones for a game of 42

With the help of my grandparents, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, we stayed up past midnight doing a puzzle.

We are both looking forward to being back in Texas in December when the weather is a bit nicer and we’ll have more time to enjoy the greatest state in the USA.

Adios, yall! 

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