New Year, Same Me

Last year in a wine fueled snowed-in Nor’easter day in Ramsey, New Jersey I planned and mapped my sewing plan for 2018. I dreamed of making a number of shirts, a few dresses, and maybe ever SOME PANTS.

When the ball fell on December 31st, 2018 and a new year began I had made a total of 1 – one – garments.

My sewing machine lay forlorn and neglected tucked between my desk and a bookshelf.

I ignored it, because the sight of it was a reminder of how I had publicly (through this blog) declared my grand schemes of domestic conquering and utterly failed. I was mad at myself for sharing, I was embarrassed.

It wasn’t until this week that relief came to me whilst rewatching a hilarious Mockingbird talk from the conference last Spring.

In his talk Sam Bush illustrates how the writers of SNL get to the core of our inadequacy.

I won’t share much more, but if you, like me, feel the weight of your past promises, ideas, and dreams crushing your current creativity and life then please enjoy this delightful talk and rejoice in knowing we can never do enough.

Christ did what we can not and could not so that we might experience freedom through undeserved grace! Hallelujah!

If you’re short on time skip to timestamp 26:25 for a sketch that cuts to our core of depravity. 

Saturday Night Law: How Humor Convicts the Sinner – Sam Bush from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

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