Show Me The Way

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Marguerite Gachet in the Garden, Van Gogh

Recently my own personal life has felt out of control and cacophonous.  Sickness, anxiety about life changes, work related stress, multiple trips within a span of a few weeks, death of a loved one, and the daily stresses of life have caused a dark cloud to form around me. I have struggled to feel connected to Christ during this Lenten season. The final reading from my Lent devotional was encouraging to me during this time, I pray it encourages you too. 

“Easter Season is a time of hope. There still is fear, there still is a painful awareness of sinfulness, but there also is light breaking though. Something new is happening, something that goes beyond the changing moods of our life. We can be joyful or sad, optimistic or pessimistic, tranquil or angry, but that solid stream of God’s presence moves deeper than the small waves of our minds and hearts. Easter brings the awareness that God is present even when his presence is not directly noticed. Easter brings the good news that, although things seem to get worse in the the world, the Evil One has already been overcome. Easter allows us to affirm that although God seems very distant and although we remain preoccupied with many little things, our Lord walks with us on the road and keeps explaining the scriptures to us. Thus there are many rays of hope casting their light on our way though life.” – Show Me the Way, Henri Nouwen

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