Weekly bulletin

It’s been quiet here on our West Coast front.

I haven’t felt much up for blogging recently but I do have news to share for those who haven’t yet heard:

In August Robbie and I will be moving to Charlottesville, VA.

The wonderful folks at Christ Episcopal Church have offered me a job as their college grounds minister. Charlottesville and the University of Virginia are nestled up the in the Blue Ridge mountains abutting Shenandoah National Park, a beautiful part of America.

On our end we are packing up, spending time with friends, and recently I’ve taken up a new hobby… what I am calling “stress quilting.”

Jones on my quilt topper

When I find myself unsettled and stressed I reach for a craft, and thanks to a surplus of scraps that needed sorting, quilting just happened to be my latest victim.

Currently the excitement regarding living in Charlottesville has been overshadowed by a mountainous to-do list regarding a coast to coast move. Securing an apartment, planning our drive, thinking of our kitty, packing, booking a Uhaul pod, etc.

Prayers for us and our move would be greatly appreciated. I’ve moved many times, but never as a married person who has accumulated a lot of stuff.

So, what else to know….

Recent Whereabouts: Earlier this week Robbie and I went on a very relaxing holiday to Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs. We rarely left the hotel grounds and spend most of our time alternating between the lounge chairs and the pool. Waitstaff would bring us drinks and food, it was heavenly.

Books: While in Palm Springs on a Thursday I started reading Cherry by Nico Walker and by the next evening I had finished the book. A novel, it follows the story of a young Army vet with PTSD who begins robbing banks in suburban Cleveland to pay for his heroine addiction.

Podcasts:  I haven’t yet had a chance to plug a new short format podcast that I love – Christian History Almanac. From it’s website:

“This 5-minute podcast will consist of stories from the past about the saints and sinners who have shaped the history of the church and will conclude with a piece of prose, poetry, and reminder that everything is going to be o.k.
June 20th was an episode I really enjoyed, but they have all been concise and delightful.

Ear Hustle, my favorite (and only) podcast recorded from inside prison walls has just returned for it’s fourth season – but with a twist. The previous host Earlonne Woods had his sentence commuted late last year and is now outside. A new host has stepped in to talk about life within prison walls, while Earlonne now tells listeners what it’s like to navigate life after being behind bars for 21 years.

Season 2 episode 17: The Row is my stand-out but because of the high quality production and interesting content of the episodes it is hard to chose a true favorite.

Music: I’ve been enjoying both Vampire Weekend’s and Two Door Cinema Club’s newest albums. Both are bands I enjoyed in college and it’s nice to hear them grow and mature as I do the same.

I think that’s a good summation of life recently.

Until next time


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