Tijuana Day Trip

An itinerary of sorts from our day trip to Tijuana, plus places we didn’t make it to…. yet. 

Our day started at 7:15 am, leaving the house unsure of what excitement the day would hold for us.

We made it to Chula Vista by 8:30 where we parked at the Palomar Trolley Center; after a quick bathroom break at the grocery store the trolley shares a parking lot with, we were en route to the US Mexico border by 8:45. 

We disembarked at the Blue Line’s last stop, the San Ysidro border crossing, quickly exchanged some dollars for pesos and filed through the customs line. 

By 9:15 we were walking across the pedestrian skyway, moving much faster than any of the cars below us queuing up to cross the border. 

Our first stop was a walk to Estación Federal for a morning jolt at Nativo Coffee Community. 

After a delightful iced americano and a bit of sitting and acclimating ourselves, we quickly hailed an uber and were off to brunch at Georgina.

It was hard to imagine we were in a city that a few people had warned us against visiting while we ate spicy fried chicken benedicts, lemon ricotta french toast, and enjoyed delightful Aperol Spritzes.

Life & Food Blog – Georgina Restaurante: A new classic in Tijuana

Feeling overly stuffed we waddled away and up a nearby residential street to Anis Pop Up Boutique

We chatted with the store owner for a bit about our visit and I purchased a dainty pair of handmade earrings. By 1 the sun was beating down on us and we were ready for a cold beer. We walked about 10 minutes to the nearby Cervecería Insurgente Brewery.

 I drank a Teniebla, a Belgian style witbeer, and Robbie had a Juan Corderro, an American Pale Ale and a Belgian Dubbel called Rub A Dub.

Life & Food – Raise a Glass: Tijuana’s Insurgente craft brewery opens its new tasting room

We hailed another uber and made our way to the most touristy and crowded street we visited all day – Avenida Revolución.

We saw donkeys painted like Zebras, people hawking all sorts of items from stalls, carts, and storefronts. Our objective was to see The Grafógrafo, a small cafe and bookstore tucked away in an arcade, essentially a covered alley.

Image result for grafografo tijuana
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In the same arcade we found a handful of other boutique shops – my favorite being Verde Amor.

Ready for more beer we walked down a few blocks to the joint Teorema/Lúdica Co-tasting Room. This time Robbie had an Imperial / Double Black IPA and I had a sour whose name I cannot recall.

After the beer I needed another ic and thankfully the quaint and cozy Malvia Coffee was just a few steps away, down some stairs in another arcade nearby.

Feeling like we’d explored enough of this very touristy area we took one final uber back to the  Estación Federal, this time for tacos and cocktails at Cereus Bar. 

I had a couple house margaritas and by the time we started our walk back to the US I was feeling happy and just tipsy enough to notice the beauty in everything. Thankful for a day of tourism in a gorgeous and vibrant city we boarded the trolley and were back to our car by 7:30 pm. 

Adios y vaya con dios, 

ps, here’s a list of some places I wanted to visit but didn’t get the chance 

Museo de Historia de Tijuana

Estacion Central Tijuana

Centro Cultural Tijuana

La Ventanita Del Pan

Paramo Café

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