Silly little things

5 months in Cville have flown by. Robbie and I are cruising through life and loving our new community, new home, and new jobs. 

This post is simply a proverbial spring cleaning; just dusting away some cobwebs, putting out some new flowers, restocking the pantry, if you will. 

Nothing grand to announce or share, but as a follow up from my last post I want to say I am in a better state. 

2019 was a tough one. With my grandmother passing away, moving across the country, and just general turmoil in our collective lives it made it hard to feel like I had anything left to give to little corner of the web.  

Lots of good happened and I regret that I wasn’t great at keeping my blog up to date. (but who’s even keeping track, ya know) 

So, with all that in mind I am happy to say that I am slowly feeling my brain spinning it’s wheels in sync again. 

Tomorrow I have a post to share that I am very proud of and I have a few other ideas and updates to share in the coming weeks and months. 

Today I just want to say hi as well as share some things I have been loving recently in no real order:

  • The music of local (to Charlottesville) singer-songwriter Kate Bollinger (she hasn’t even graduated!) Listen yourself and let me know what you think of her!
  • The TV show Cheers! 
  • Also, the TV show Cheer!
  • Turtlenecks because it’s cold here! 
  • This bag from Land’s End is my new favorite way to schlep around all my belongings and I love it so much that I bought my mom one too 
  • Thrift shopping at the local SPCA Rummage store
  • 1917 (my pick for best film) 
  • Local patisserie Marie Bette’s caneles
Thats kinda it. Totally silly, but I’m happy to say that I am finally starting to really feel silly again. A character trait I really love about myself. 

So, heres to more silliness!


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