Schadenfreude in a crisis

I have to admit, being in Charlottesville, VA I feel a strange sense of Schadenfreude about this virus wrecking havoc on our world. Not an introvert by any means, still I am doing a-okay with the self-mandated shelter-in-placeish thing we are doing. We’ve had two friends over this week for dinner, one on Tuesday night and one on Wednesday night. I have taken a nap every single day this week, been enjoying lots of reading, and simply taking it easy. I keep referring to it as a hibernation.

I am not one to panic or stress about things usually, but I do know that this virus will have major repercussions that could and probably will affect me in the days, weeks, months, and even years to come. And yet,  I am relishing in this time to be at home. Things that previously annoyed me, like washing up after dinner, changing the toilet paper tube, or putting on real clothes and a bra have all become ways for me to embrace this strange new time. To enjoy the new pace and continue to live a normal life as much as possible.

With the UVA students all back home my job has become so complicated, but also straightforward. Just reach out, keep them in the loop, pray for them. I hope and pray that the disappointment they must be feeling is coupled with a sense of peace and joy that can come from being forced to slow down.

Speaking of peace, joy, and slowing down, here’s what I have been doing and consuming these past few days. 

  • I have been taking a social media break and realllllly been loving it. I will check instagram once or twice a day, deleting it directly afterwards. 
  • I finished Little House in the Big Woods yesterday, it took me all of about two hours to read. Their isolation and good ole time fun as a family gave me warm fuzzies. Also Laura’s relationship to her sister was something I could relate too much more than the sisters in Little Women, sorry Joslyn, and sorry-not-sorry to those Little Women fans out there
Image result for when the fiddle has stopped singing
  • To contrast my speedy read of Little House, I have also been reading The Crucifixion by Fleming Rutledge and the quarantine would need to go on much much longer for me to finish this book. I am about 11% of the way through and still have 52+ hours left to read. WOW. I have been taking it real slow, taking notes while reading, thinking of it as a textbook read more than a casual book.
  • Been listening to John Mark McMillan’s new album – Peopled with Dreams, now more relevant than ever!
  • Knitting a pair of socks – I finished one sock using the Vanilla Socks pattern from Nurturing Fibres and I just didn’t like it. So, I cast on another sock using the Gladys sock pattern, a fisherman style knit. I also still need to finish my Grace pullover. 
That’s it from me. I would love to hear from you. Send me an email or comment below to cue me into how you’re passing the time. 
Love to you all

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