Peachy Keen Spring

I am loving spring in Virginia. Despite being cooped up, I have been able to do a fair amount of appreciating the natural beauty around us here in Central Virginia.

Daily I see beautiful birds on the trees in our backyard, cardinals, mockingbirds, robins. I’ve seen deer, and even foxes. The trees are in full bloom, looking like their Sunday best. 
This reminder that life doesn’t stop, even when we may, is a fantastic reminder of God’s love. 
Nothing can stop, or separate us from, the love of God. 
In my last post I embedded John Mark McMillan’s latest album, but today I wanted to share one particular song that speaks to the powerful unmoving force of spring.

John Mark McMillan himself comments on the power of the Juggernaut in this short video  
Finally, in the spirit of spring I want to share these photos from a walk Robbie and I took through a local peach orchard on Sunday.

I’ll check in again soon, love yall!


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