We are back home after a week in Texas visiting my parents. It was enjoyable, relaxing, and frustrating at times. We had a handful of conversations in regards to race and generational wealth that I found helpful, and I hope my family did as well. The frustration largely stemmed from my relationship with my mom and the chaotic state of their house. Even though they still live in the home I grew up in it no longer feels like home to me. They keep their home in a state that I find anxiety inducing. I have to remind myself to give them grace and to understand that we are operating at different comfort levels.

After driving from Charlottesville to Texas the last week I was very happy to fly back home, despite the very full airplanes. While in Texas I read The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. It was slow for about 30% but picked up significantly towards the end. It ended with a satisfying cliffhanger and I will be buying the second book from New Dominion, my local book shop, very soon.

We have no major plans in the next few weeks and for that I am thankful. I will be working on a few selfish projects. Sewing a matching linen shirt and bottom set, reading, and making some linocut prints with a set I just purchased on Etsy.

I look forward to less distraction and emotional drain from being on social medias such as Instagram. More writing and thoughts soon.


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