The Sun | November 15th

The Farm, 1922 Joan Miró 
  • On Thursday I started brewing my own ginger beer and mead; opting out of commercial yeast for both. I am excited to see what happens in the fermentation process, if anything. I have them all in my fermentation station, next to my sourdough starter. 
  • This week I revisited one of my favorite singer-song writers. Tyler James takes me straight back to high school. It’s hard to find his music online since he now performs in a band and has moved away from his solo work, but if you can find it it’s super good. 
  • I know the next couple months could be tough, lots of time indoors, lots of darkness. Author Katherine May encouraged me to rethink colder weather and “wintering.” 
    • From NPR: “Wintering, she says, is a way to get through tough times by chilling, hibernating, healing, re-grouping. “Doing these deeply unfashionable things — slowing down, letting your spare time expand, getting enough sleep, resting — is a radical act now, but it is essential,” she writes.
  • This newsletter from Mo Perry was medicine for my soul 
    • “On the left we talk about “doing the work,” usually referring to the work of unlearning and dismantling white supremacy. That is critical work. But I think there’s more.  There’s also the work of unclenching, of softening toward the parts of ourselves we resist and shame — our own fragility and aggression, our own selfishness and fear. There’s the work of finding peace and wholeness in our own minds, which is the first step toward it manifesting in the collective.  What we know for sure is that when a lot of us show up, one by one, and do the work, it adds up to something. It adds up to a new way forward.”

Be good, behave, and be careful,


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