The Sun | December 20th 2020


The Orchard, Capel-y-ffin, by David Jones, 1920s

  • Claire Saffitz has a new Youtube channel called Dessert Person and it is everything I hoped and dreamed for. Over the weekend I made the pistachio pinwheels from her new cookbook, I was underwhelmed by their taste and texture but I enjoyed the process. In my opinion I wish they had been more sweet and less crumbly. They had the texture of a sandy and the taste of a Chinese almond cookie biscuit. 

  • I started reading What Are People For, a collection of essays by Wendell Berry and was curious about his wife Tanya. In searching I found this kind article by Gracy Olmstead. I want more of this in my life! 
“She is showing us an ancient rhythm that exists beyond the slaughterhouse’s factory lines and machinery, with their ruthless speed and efficiency. She is showing us husbandry and housewifery, with their resultant set of virtues and skills….Women like Tanya bring artistry and honor to everything they touch: the homes they inhabit, the land they steward, the children they raise. 

  • Robbie and I had planned to do a long walk through the Scottish Borders over the summer. We are both interested in the walking paths of the UK which is why I was very excited to learn about Slow Ways! Slow Ways was created by Dan Raven-Ellison, a self-described “guerrilla geographer & creative explorer.” Since lockdowns started, this non-profit has continued to search for further volunteers, aiming to “recruit thousands of people from across Great Britain to help walk, test, verify, record, improve and enjoy the Slow Ways walking routes.” The main goal is to make paths more visible and accessible online and for free — showing people safe ways to walk short or long distances.

  • Science Weekly Podcast – Ancient Archaea I recently discovered this podcast from the Guardian and have been really enjoying each episode. I listened to the Ancient Archaea episode while taking a bubble bath on Saturday night. A very wild night indeed. 

  • Tomorrow (Monday) is the winter solstice, Robbie and I will be celebrating by enjoying some stars, turning off all the lights, and possibly singing some songs from Joyous Light by composer Ray Makeever. We used to use this liturgy at our church (Community Lutheran, we miss you!) in California and the music is very special to us both. It always settles me and plants me firmly in Advent. 

A joyous light will indeed arrive, we will no longer live in darkness. Glory be to God! Merry Christmas friends! 


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