California Trip | February 2022

Back home after a wonderful trip to Southern California. It took me a couple days to share any more photos or updates because 1) I was tired and jet lagged and 2) I wanted to post on my new WordPress Blog!

I wanted to move away from because, as simple and easy as it is, (and I still recommend it for folks,) I decided I’d rather have even less “social” interaction online. I wanted a space that’s mine and mine alone.

So, my debut post on my new site will be a variety of photos showcasing the time we had in OC! Enjoy!

Coffee in San Clemente
Mural outside our motel, Casablanca Inn, San Clemente
Lunch at In-N-Out in Costa Mesa. This exact booth is where Robbie and I had our first date 5+ years ago!
I wish I could include the wonderful fragrance of the orange blossoms! Taken outside the Packing House in Anaheim.
Frozen Lemonade Slush at Modern Times, Anaheim
Mockingbird Magazines proudly on display at Bad Coffee, Costa Mesa
Also, a book of sermons from my Pastor Paul Walker

Loved the baby poster. I look forward to taking baby Etta out with us to breweries in the future!
Last night in town. Drinks with friends at Green Cheek, Costa Mesa

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