Things making me happy

Just a list of fun things making me happy these days! I’m at week 32 of pregnancy and moral is low! Mood swings are V real and annoying. Sleep isn’t great. And nesting / getting the nursery ready feels like it’s moved from whimsical and fun to *panic*!

Thankfully my parents will be here next week! Plus our shower will be happening on the 18th so everything will come together soon, but for today I just need a list of everything making me happy!

1. My new Soda Stream!

2. Lots of quality time with friends

3. The blooming daffodils

4. My cats

5. Our 5th year anniversary is this Friday!

6. Blueland laundry tabs and oxi booster powder!

7. The book At Home from Bill Bryson

8. My new makeup haul from Honest Beauty

9. The Lenten devotional Bitter & Sweet by Tsh Oxenreider.

10. Warm days! ☀️



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