Spring + a short playlist

Albemarle County has just dipped into the CDC “medium risk” aka no masking required level which throughly excites me. As a long time mask hater, (but vax lover!) I am thrilled to think about returning to church without a mask. Church being pretty much the only place I was still required to wear one.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very cold and wet, a not-so-subtle reminder that we’re still in the season of winter, but the great number of warm days has been such a treat.

The fact that I found ranunculuses (my favorite flower) at my local Trader Joe’s tells me spring is well underway.

Today is mine and Robbie’s 5 year anniversary! We’re not doing anything big to celebrate – just dinner at Marigold – but while the celebration may be small, the love is big! Looking at these photos from our wedding 5 years ago is so so sweet, but knowing soon we’ll be a family of three is even sweeter!

Today has me looking way less formal than I did at our wedding 5 years ago. Much of today I’ve spent working, doing some chores, nesting (I ordered our stroller!), and reading a book: At Home by Bill Bryson.

the bump ❤️

Now, as promised a playlist!

I’ll be adding to this as I find songs that fit the mood. I’d love some new recommendations – please tell me what you’ve been listening to!

Warm Days Playlist

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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