Texas Sheet Cake, a taste of childhood

As I mentioned yesterday, today we’ve been hit with a wintery storm. Snow, sleet, rain, and wind all included. One upside is that we’re enjoying our fireplace once more today!

The wintery weather made us stay home today, which meant I had ample time to bake!

I’ve been on an almond kick lately and finally switched it up with a childhood classic – Texas Sheet Cake!

Pecans, the state tree of Texas are a nonnegotiable addition IMO

There are many great things that come from Texas (this list somehow leaves out Blue Bell Ice Cream?), and this cake is right up there with them. A school cafeteria classic, it was a mainstay in my upbringing. Church potlucks, birthday parties, cake-walks, FFA stock show competitions, and a game I once played at a local Tractor Pull that I’ll attempt to explain.

Basically a grid was laid out in a pen with a heifer in it, you could buy a square and if/when the cow pooped in your square you won a cake. I’m not kidding, this is a real game I once took part in!

Today I made a NYTimes recipe, primarily because it features one of my favorite fellow Texans, Priya Krishna. My one tweak, I used the standard buttermilk, not sour cream.

I was salivating as I baked this cake, and you better believe I licked the bowl clean; totally worth the risk of eating raw eggs!

Part of what makes this cake so unique is the addition of buttermilk, an item I usually don’t have on hand. Since you usually have to buy it in 1/2 gallons it’s fun to find other ways to use it up. Today I made homemade buttermilk ranch dressing, and later this week I’ll use it to make another great Texan dessert.: Buttermilk Pie!

Have a sweet Saturday,


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