Blue Sky

“You’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day

Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way”

Blue Sky, Allman Brothers Band
Baby Sap “Baby-cue!”

What a week we’ve had! A week of mountaintops and valleys.

Having both my parents and Robbie’s parents in town was a joy, but wore me plum out! They say the first trimester exhaustion comes back in the third trimester and I think I’ve been feeling some of that too. Yesterday I woke up at 7am and then put myself back in bed around 9am and slept until noon!

Robbie has been such a brick all week, a steady stream of encouragement and positivity when I needed it! Blue Sky from the Allman Brothers says it better than me!

I want to gush for a minute about our amazing friends and community that threw us the most amazing “baby-cue” on Friday the 18th. We felt so loved at this party. It was just perfect, truly. A hot dog cookout by the lake surrounded by friends and family. Picture perfect!

Now that we’ve had our shower and the nursery is set up, we are ready for the arrival of baby Sap! I’m having an ultrasound next Wednesday to monitor baby’s size, she’d measuring big, but nothing of concern.

I’ll try to take some nice photos of the nursery soon, I’m really happy with how it all came together.

For now, I’ll leave you with my “Warm Days” playlist, which I’ve added to. Get outside and enjoy the sun, touch some grass today!


Warm Days

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