A common complaint I hear from Robbie these days is that I’ve made our bedroom “too cozy.” Making it very difficult for him to get out of bed for his very early a.m. workouts

Until about 6 weeks ago our bedroom was very utilitarian. We have a lovely furniture set, plus nice bedding and two big European pillows, but the rest of the room was tough to love. To upgrade the room I added curtain sheers, plus brass curtain pullbacks. I gave us additional (and functional) storage around the room by way of hooks; I love the brass accordion hooks I added above our bedside tables. (from Target & currently on sale!)

We also recently acquired a robin’s egg blue La-Z-boy recliner for the room and have better organized our closets. All together this means our room feels much more grown up and a space that “sparks joy.”

Next, if time allows, before or after arrival of baby, I’d love to give our bathrooms some much needed TLC. And then the laundry area of the basement!

Other than home decor nesting, I am in full stock the freezer mind-set. We bought a chest freezer and I have begun the process of stocking it up.

The freezer doesn’t look wonderful in our pantry (aka weird room off the galley kitchen,) but it’s functional and I think we’ll appreciate having lots of easy to prepare meals within reach in the postpartum days.

So far I have a baked ziti and 14 burritos inside.

The ziti is Alison Roman’s recipe and the burritos are a dupe of our favorite burritos from Greenberry’s Coffee in Charlottesville, the Daybreak.

My goal for the next few weeks is to basically double every recipe I make; one to eat, one to freeze.

Some I’m really looking forward to are:

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope it’s lovely wherever you are!



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