Imbibing California

We got home from an amazing week in Orange Country yesterday! Since I’m 36 37 weeks pregnant pretty much all I wanted to do was eat, drink, swim and sit; thankfully we’re in a great place to do just that.

It was a truly magical trip. It felt like such a treat because up until about a week before the trip I wasn’t sure I would get to go, making everything feel extra special while I was there. We loved getting to celebrate the wedding of two close friends in such a gorgeous place!

Here’s a photo dump of the many things we ate, drank, and enjoyed during our stay.

Mint Mojito at Philz!
Wine selection at Hopper & Burr.
Beer at Bottle Logic!
Natty Wine at Windsor Bottle Shop
Aliso Creek Beach
Turkado from Board & Brew!! ON the beach!!
Wedding antics with Robbie!
The Ecosystems exhibit at the California Science Center was awesome!
Rose Garden in Expo Park!

Now that we’re back in Virginia I’m full on ready for baby! Still three weeks out from due date, but emotionally I think I’m ready to go.

Working on a new playlist to share with you all in the next couple days, but this is it for now! Going to go sit outside and enjoy the sun!



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