This One’s for the Girls

Writer Marlee Grace included this IG post in her most recent newsletter Monday Monday and it instantly sent me into a country music spiral. Especially women of country!

Maybe it’s all the extra hormones coursing through my veins but these powerful songs from some of the greatest women in country music have just been hitting the spot!

I’m still feeling on cloud 9 from our trip out west! It’s given me a taste of summer and now I am very very excited about the promise of swimming in my future. I love to swim year around inside, but nothing is better than an outdoor pool on a blisteringly hot day.

Warm days also make me think of cold & chilled desserts, and in particular, banana pudding! My grandma always used the same recipe, and so of course I have a special place in my heart for that recipe; however, this year for Easter I am going to make a banana pudding using Alison Roman’s Coconut Banana Cream Pudding.

On the horizon I’m working on a couple special zine projects to fill my time and distract from how much I feel like a stuffed crust pizza! I hope to share both of those next week! Hint: one’s baby related and the other food related!

I hope your weekend is sweet as pie! Happy Easter!


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