Simple Supper: a short cookbook/guide

I love to cook! I love to try new ingredients, I enjoy pushing myself with new techniques and methods, I enjoy buying fancy kitchen equipment!

Robbie, on the hand, does not. He’s given cooking a couple of tries in the time we’ve been together and just hasn’t quite found the joy in it like I have.

However, he has found that, the more basic and simple the recipe or meal, the more joy he tends to gain from the cooking process. And I have to agree! There’s something so satisfying about taking just a handful of simple staples and using salt, fat, acid, and heat to turn it into something delectable!

So, in preparation for this new phase of life (my due date is tomorrow!) I’ve created a recipe guide book for Robbie, in hopes to help him navigate the kitchen and to find joy in creating some simple suppers.

And, because I have too much time on my hands I decided to make it a “real” booklet and to share it with you folks!

May I present: Simple Supper; Easy, Nourishing Meals

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