Devotional Zine & iPhone Wallpaper {downloads}

Happy Due Date to me!!

This morning, as a small mini celebration I took myself on a nice relaxing coffee date to Petite Marie Bette. I enjoyed some journaling, reading my Bible, and listening to The Pastcast Podcast.

Latte + almond croissant, can’t say how elated I am to have a REAL mug!

I’ve been finding lots of joy in designing superfluous graphics in Canva recently.

Yesterday I shared my new cookbook, today I want to share a phone wallpaper and a Devotional Zine!

First up is the wallpaper. Yesterday I read this verse in Colossians and it really stood out to me. I’ve found myself praying for strength and patience lots in the last days and weeks. I also love the imagery of “Saints in the Light.”

Iphone wallpaper
Simple graphic
As seen on my iPhone!

I’m also thrilled to share a new zine I’ve been working on. I’ve made a couple of these before, mostly to use in my college Bible Studies, but this one is for my own use!

I took the liturgy from the Devotionals for Individuals and Families out of the Book of Common Prayer and made it to fit inside an 8-page zine.

If you’ve never used a zine before here’s a guide to how to cut and fold it, it’s super simple once you’ve done it once or twice. –> Lunch Lady Magazine | How to Fold a Zine (On a side note, I LOVE Lunch Lady Magazine!)

I’m hoping to use this Devo Zine in a myriad of ways. If I’m in a rush I can quickly read the provided readings for the hours (morning, noon, evening, night), or I can use the handy QR code on the back to find the Daily Office Readings for that day if I have more time on my hands.

Mostly I like that it’s a small little thing that I can slip into my journal or Bible, and if it gets old and worn out (or coffee gets spilled on it, let’s be real!) I can easily print a new one!

Enjoy these little goodies, and say a prayer for us today! I would really love a punctual little human!



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