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Two weeks ago yesterday we welcomed our daughter Etta into the world! Born May 12th, 2022!

After many highs and lows we’ve settled into a happy rhythm.

Going to church for the first time!

I’ve filled most of my free time washing bottles, reading yet another Bill Bryson book (A Sunburnt Country), watching Raising Hope (perfect postpartum viewing!), and trying to keep up on laundry. Having family around has been so helpful. And having friends come around has been such a treat.

Out to a brewery with out newborn!

We’re so thankful for how easy she’s been, and for our hospital experience! Breastfeeding was the only hoop we really struggled with and we’ve happily moved to “team formula” and it’s made us all pleased as punch.


Listening to: Harry’s House

Viewing: World of Stonehenge

More to come!



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