Breakfast is better (after having a baby)

I promise I haven’t forgotten the book list I promised a couple posts back, things have just been busy around these parts!

We’ve switched to cloth diapers, adding to the already large laundry queue. Plus I’ve been happily spending lots of my free time during naps in the kitchen. I’ve also taken a couple naps myself.

This article came across my lap yesterday and I can say I agree with about 99% of it!

Showers, And Other Things That Actually Get Better After Having a Baby

“Cooking” is among the first items listed as feeling gloriously better after having a baby, and it’s true!

Small tasks, such as making a loaf of my favorite bread, or making pesto in a food processor feel like gold metal achieving events!

And, it’s not because bread or pesto are difficult, or even because I’m feeling overwhelmed, but cooked anyways. I think these accomplishments feel extra special because the prevailing message from other people (families, bloggers, media, etc) is that life, and the things that brought you joy, are left for dead when you become a parent. Proving them wrong adds the sugar on top of any accomplishment.

Today I had the grand feeling of fulfillment making an exceptionally basic breakfast: soft scrambled eggs with fried toast, topped with cracked pep and flaky salt.

What else has been going on in my life?

I’ve been listening to Suzanne Vega a lot (bandwagon fans of Kate Bush check her out!)

Watching Keep Sweet (Netflix)— omg I love a true crime religious cult story.

I heard it’s a trend on Tik Tok to try out hot rollers and so I bought some to try on my hair

Really looking forward to our trip to Texas in a couple weeks. We’re planning to do some renovation to the guest house there and I’ve been going crazy saving ideas to this Pinterest Board.

Knitting this Anker Summer Shirt.

Last thing, I discovered Charlottesville has a collegiate baseball team, the Tom Sox and I’m now obsessed. We’re going to the game tonight and I can’t wait!

Alright, time to feed my baby and then get outside!


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