Oh how I missed Andy B! .. & “In defense of the flavored lattes” | Food52 love

First a video! Dan Pelosi, whom I have followed online for a number of years has a new YouTube series with Food52 and I am in love with it! He has a couple of videos out but none have warmed my heart so much as this recent one with BA alum Andy Baraghani! I really missed this little rascal. I will be making these meatballs this week, for sure! Persian food is one of my favorite cuisines! love the warm spices

Highly recommend a trip to Dan aka Grossy Pelosi’s website!

Second, a flavored latte is not something I order often, though I do love them. In July Food 52 shared an article about the history of flavored lattes and it peaked my interest. Specifically a drink mentioned in the article, a concoction of “steamed milk, espresso, and vanilla and orange syrups….called the Fantasia” has been on my mind ever since!

The Extremely ’90s History of the Flavored Latte | Food 52

The Fantasia sounds like a drink you’d find at my favorite shop, Hopper & Burr in Santa Ana, California.

I’d really love to find a local cafe that has orange syrup on hand so I can try this drink!

I’d also recommend checking out their UGLI drink! They’re doing such cool stuff from their little shop in DTSA.

Readers, what’s your favorite latte flavor?

Love to you all! Happy Sunday!


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