Prayers of the People | Sunday, October 16th, 2022

Untitled Georgia O’Keeffe UVA watercolors

Prayers written for Christ Episcopal Church, Sunday October 16th, 2022

I – God, help us to know we are loved deeply by you, you’ve shown your radical love to us by the death of your son on a Cross. We struggle to forgive, we hold tightly onto our vendettas; sometimes our human frailty makes it impossible to forgive those we hate – regardless, you forgive them, and you forgive us for our stubborn hatred. We thank you for costly grace, freely given to us.

Lord in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer

II – Almighty god, we humble ask for your guidance and goodwill to take root and bloom in all the nations of this world. We pray for your heavenly justice and truth, and especially your peace to flourish among all people.

Lord in your mercy 

Hear our prayer

III – Heavenly Father, you see us, your children living in an unsteady and confusing world. Remind us through your Holy Spirit that your ways are more lifegiving than the ways of the world, and being your child is better than any hustle or selfish goal. When we fail, let us not view that as a measure of our worth, but a chance for a fresh start. Give us all the fortitude to keep faith in you, and to continually find joy in your creation.

Lord, in your mercy, 

Hear our prayer

IV – Wise God, bless all students, teachers, professors, and all who work in education. those here tonight and those who are a part of our parish and city. We lift up those feeling stressed about mid-terms, first years feeling homesick, upper classmen looking for internships or jobs. Give them all wisdom and preserverance. Help those who teach and those who learn to remember you are the source of all truth.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer

V – God, most of us here feel hurried and overburdened in our daily life, give us time to rest and moments of peace. Help us to use our free time wisely, with activities that calm and restore us. Help us to avoid distraction from anxiety, but to cast our anxiety on you.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer

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