October 26th, 2022

Many photos (mostly of food) from what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ve been busy but baking and doodling have been bringing me so much joy & happiness!


Claire Saffitz’ Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies
The cats have become very curious about Etta recently
A good mail day! Booties for Etta, and Bombas slippers & a GoRuck Tribe patch for me!
illustration and poem

Deep in the woodlands,

past the del and the brook.

Underneath the old elm,

with the nest of a rook.

Curled up in a ball,

snuggled up nice,

laid kit the fox,

dreaming of mice.

illustration and poem

I passed a toad on a winding road and said

“how do you do?”

“Croak!” he proclaimed

as he jumped out the lane.

And back to his woodlands he flew!

a wine doodle
For @christchurchcville IG
Loving these Georgia O’Keeffe UVA watercolors
wine w/ Amanda
Lawn leaves
dried flowers on cupcakes
apples and apple cider donuts! Up on Carter Mountain
A spread for the Gap Year
handknit socks on our deck
focaccia with lottsa flakey salt
Dinner at the Pollack dining hall in Shenandoah

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