Christmas in the Heart, Henry Van Dyke | Second Sunday in Advent

Christmas in the Heart

Let us now go even unto Bethlehem. Luke 2:15

To Bethlehem our hearts, star led
From wanderings far and wild,
Turn to a lowly cattle shed
And kneel before the Child.

We come from deserts, pitiless
With only human pride;
And from the howling wilderness
Where dread and hate abide.

Touched by his hand we find release
From heavy griefs and fears:
Our hearts are lifted up with peace And purified by tears.

Ah Saviour dear! Thou Holy Child, What power is thine to heal
Our broken hearts, our wills, defiled,
When at thy feet we kneel.

Grant us thy grace no more to roam, But, following thee alway,
Find Bethlehem in every home,
The whole year Christmas Day.

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