Happy new year! More of a good thing, please!

The spread for The Gap Year’s Musical Night

As I look back on 2022 the highs for me mostly all involve food and people.

It’s hard to count how many times Robbie and I have opened our home to friends, Bible Studies, parties, and house guests. From early on in our marriage, hosting was a priority for Robbie and I. For me, it’s a chance to be a domestic goddess. I’m an acts of service type gal, so preparing meals, tidying up, and offering a cocktail or hot drink to guests are ways for me to show my love. Robbie’s a quality time guy, so fostering conversations, playing games, and checking in on our friend’s wellbeing comes easy to him.

My hope for 2023 would just be more of a good thing! More hosting, more cooking, and more checking in on our friends and loved ones!

I wish you all a happy new year and warmly invite you all to come to our house!

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