The Welcome Wagon | Why I love blogging!

Welcome back to blogging, David!

Much of what I love about blogging is beautifully on display in his post. Beautiful photos alongside thoughtful text with links and further readings to explore. The link to the Welcome Wagon’s album Esther was a lovely surprise I would’ve never found without him sharing!

If any of you reading this are blog-curious I would encourage you to take the plunge! Get off Instagram and it’s reel laden tik-tok repost garbage, and share your images and ideas on your own piece of turf! Your friends will still see you. You will still see your friends. Join me here on WordPress. Start a Substack. Join Micro-blog. You’ll feel better!

In September Tsh Oxenreider shared why she left Instagram and 11 reasons why she believes Instagram is doing more harm than good. I’d really recommend checking out her post if you feel you need any convincing.

Tsh concluded that she never felt any better or felt it was time well spent after using it, and neither do I. While I do still use it occasionally for work I am trying very hard to limit my usage and to use my time for creative pursuits that bring me joy such as blogging, crafting, or cooking.

I hope you’ll join me in creating more beauty and joy on the web, but maybe more importantly let’s cultivate the good in our offline lives.



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